Monday, February 7, 2011

Your Valentine's Day Plans Just Changed

A free drink at the Wit on Valentine's Day? On the ROOF? OMG R U SERIOUZ?!? TimeOut Chicago and The Wit Hotel are teaming up to bring you a very special Valentine's Day treat. RSVP and head to the ROOF on VD and get one (1) signature cocktail for FREE! If you're like me one drink probably isn't enough, right? Try leaving the party and coming back in a new disguise with a different name! The dude that checks the ID's usually isn't the same person checking the guest list. I'm going to flip my reversible hat inside out, shave one eyebrow off and speak with a South African accent. They'll never know what hit em! Meanwhile, I'll be drunk!

ROOF on the Wit
201 N. State St
Monday, Feb 14 | 6 - 8pm

Click HERE to RSVP!

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