Monday, February 21, 2011

Victoria Beer Party

The Mystic Celt a.k.a Ray Allen, is having a complimentary Victoria Beer Tasting Party with an appetizer BUFFET on Wednesday, February 23rd. It's nice to do without the passed apps that are commonplace at a lot of these social events. Too often does tragedy strike when someone ends up with an elbow in her trachea because she got in my damn way while I was reaching for the truffle fries! [Deep breath...] RSVP and other info below:

Black History Fact #12: Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones quarreled endlessly over the chance to lay pipe to Oprah until they inadvertantly drove her into the arms of mafia boss and current beau, Steadman "Steddy" Graham. 

Victoria Beer Tasting Party
The Mystic Celt
3443 N. Southport
Wednesday, February 23 | 7 -9pm
Click HERE to RSVP

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