Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Underground Style Series

Underground is hosting a fashion show on Thursday, April 14th featuring Furla & NARS (no relation to Ashford and Simpson) as a part of the Style Series sponsored by Rockit Ranch Productions and PopSugar.  Get ready to party with a bunch of half nekkid models and servers while being entertained by a live performance from violinist Katarina Visnevska, whom I assume will also be scantily clad. Hopefully the bouncers will be fully dressed or else things might get a little awkward. This event is sponsored by Ketel One Oranje. Oranje you glad that it's ALMOST Friday? Doors open at 9 and the fashion show starts at 11ish.

Underground Style Series
Furla & NARS
Thursday, April 14th | 9 PM - ??
56 W. Illinois


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