Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celluloid Salon 2011

Celluloid Salon 2011, sponsored by Drambuie and, is gonna be bananas! For all you squares that means “awesome”. On Wednesday, November 2nd, the Viaduct Theater will host an evening of drunkenness and cinematic confusion when it showcases 4 vintage short films with a contemporary score composed by Chicago’s own DJ Chrissy Murderbot! I dare you to tell me that's not the best DJ name ever. I attended this event last year at the Chopin theater and I was quite drunk impressed. Free booze, food and entertainment! There will be a lot of hipsters in the building so be sure to dress the part with your little brother’s jeans and multiple neon-colored snap bracelets.

Celluloid Salon 2011
Wednesday, November 2nd | 7 PM
Viaduct Theater
3111 N. Western Ave


Check out the program below!

The program includes:
  • Duffy the Mascot (1934): A strange story about a loving dog puppet who practically goes through Hell to get an orange to a dying girl. Director Ladislas Starevich (1882-1965) was a Polish, Russian and French stop-motion animator who used insects and animals as his protagonists.
  • Down and Out (1971): While attempting to show us the common hazards which cause workers to lose their balance, this film has more slapstick than most Three Stooges shorts — the short's subject falls down more than thirty times! It's not clear whether the film was intended to be funny, as workers were most likely laughing at this poor schnook more than learning from his mistakes.
  • Oramunde (1933): A female figure, her face hidden by a long veil, dances, twirls, and runs on the shore. She leaps on rocks along the edge of the sea, her veil wafting behind her. A hooded figure, all in black, waits in a rowboat at the edge of a calm bay. We don't want to spoil the ending here... but it gets weird.
  • Le Voyage Dans Le Lune (1902): Beautifully shot in 1902, this film by the world-renowned pioneer George Melies is, oddly enough, seldom seen in its entirety. A small group of scientists travel to space on a rocket; misadventures ensue.

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