Thursday, August 11, 2011

GRIND: Spirits of the Night [Reminder]

On Friday, August 12th, Underground is hosting the GRIND: "Spirits of the Night" Exclusive Launch Party featuring complimentary cocktails, interactive mixing stations, GRIND dancers, grunge art, graffiti painters, chair massages, senior citizen cage fights, chain smoking meerkats, a handless banana peeling contest and a jacuzzi shaped like a vagina called a Vajuzzi. Okay, I made some of that up. Do you really think they'll have chair massages??

What the hell is GRIND anyway? It's apparently an espresso shot with premium rum blended with coffee extract, espresso, and other natural flavors. I don't really care for coffee but I'm generally willing to try anything with alcohol in it (e.g. Hennessy oatmeal, absinthe ice cream sandwiches, Goldschlager falafels, etc,.) Registration is REQUIRED and the invite is good for you and one (1) guest.

GRIND: Spirits of the Night - Exclusive Launch Party
Friday, August 12 | 8pm-11pm
56 W. Illinois

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