Monday, April 23, 2012

Kentucky Derby Viewing Party

Crown Royal, my favorite purveyor of Canadian whisky, is sponsoring a Kentucky Derby Viewing Party at Hawthorne Race Course on Saturday, May 5th!  Guests will enjoy Kentucky Derby themed food and delicious cocktails, including Mint Juleps and Jell-O shots made from the bones of the loser horses. DJ Joe Kollege will get it poppin' on the turntables and live music will be performed by a special band.

This event looks like it could be really fun. Though it's not the same as going to the actual Kentucky Derby, you're still encouraged to wear the appropriate derby attire. For the ladies this includes big, floppy hats adorned with a variety of flowers and twigs (extra points if it has an actual bird's nest attached.) Gentlemen should wear their classiest pastel-colored suits with matching pinky rings and aviator monocles.

Crown Royal Kentucky Derby Viewing Party
Saturday, May 5 | 3 - 7 PM
Hawthorne Race Course
3501 S. Laramie | Cicero, IL

RSVP  to 
Enter code: 1047

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