Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Man Up

Van Buren Gentlemen's Salon is hosting a styling event for bros on Thursday, June 7th at the 235 West Van Buren building. Guests will receive complimentary grooming services, cocktails, and appetizers while enjoying one of the best views in the city. Judging by the list of sponsors on the flyer, this event is going to be the bee's knees!

Don't forget to hang around for the VIP After Party on the 46th floor. I'm not sure what qualifies you for VIP status but it's worth a shot. For the entertainment, a stuntman wearing a fashionable, custom-made suit from Trunk Club Men's Outfitters will recreate the opening of Mad Men by jumping out of a window in slow motion while holding a glass of Spicebox Canadian Whisky.

Van Buren Gentlemen's Salon
VIP After Party 46th Floor
Thursday, June 7 | 6 - 9 PM
235 W. Van Buren

RSVP by 6/1 to

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