Friday, November 26, 2010

NBA Jamboree

Put your thrice reheated Thanksgiving leftovers down and RSVP to see Kyle Korver, of the Chicago Bulls, at PHLI Store in Hyde Park. This event is sponsored by EA, Vitamin Water and Goose Island (BEER!) for the launch of the new NBA JAM game. See more details below...

Tuesday November 30th, 7pm - 9pm

@ The PHLI Store - 1613 E. 55th St. (In Hyde Park)


You: Hey, Kyle Korver, where's the Boozer at, bro?!
KK: Judging by the intense smell of alcohol being emitted from your pores, I'm gonna say he's standing right in front of me.
You: Ohhh, snap!
Taser: Zzzzzzaaaaappppppp!

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